Panduan kuis “Intelligent Ninja College” ninja saga

Bagi yang belum tau, admin beritahukan bahwa saat ini sedang ada kuis yang diadakan oleh pihak ninja saga, kuis yang berhubungan dengan semua fitur yang ada di dalam game ninja saga itu sendiri. Bagi yang merasa sudah profesional di dunia ninja, silahkan mengikuti event ini.

Link :

Bagi yang mungkin merasa kesulitan, admin akan memberikan sedikit bantuan kepada kalian, jawaban ini admin ambil dari grup Ninja saga united.

Jika ada pertanyaan lain, akan segera kami update. 

Thanks to :
Argi Gumilar
Sonny Putra Kaltim

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8 komentar :

  1. 1. Which event can obtain the “Weapon - Yellow Card”?
    A. Sakura Event(2012)
    B. Soccer Fever (World Cup 2010)
    C. Christmas(2009 X mas)
    D. Easter Event(2011)
    2. How long does it take to train a Lv 5 pet?
    A. 10 mins
    B. 15 mins
    C. 30 mins
    D. 45 mins
    3. What is the maximum letters of naming your new ninja?
    A. 10 letters
    B. 15 letters
    C. 20 letters
    D. 25 letters
    4. How many gifts can you receive within 24 hours?
    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5
    5. How many consumable item(s) can Emblem users and Free users store in their inventories?
    A. 40, 60
    B. 40, 80
    C. 40, 90
    D. 40, 100
    sama jawabannya bos

  2. How many gifts can you accept within 24 hours?
    What is the maximum letters of naming your new ninja?
    How long does it take to train a Lv 5 pet?
    What kinds of materials required in order to exchange the weapon, “Ape Ro:Juga”?

  3. How many “Tailed Beasts” in Ninja Saga?
    How much tokens is needed of buying 100 TP?
    What is the level requirement for players to start TP training?

  4. 1. What are the colors of “Ninja Saga’s Logo”?
    A. Black, White, Orange
    B. Brown, Black, White
    C. Yellow, Black, White
    D. White, Brown, Grey
    2. How many Naming Badge(Ninja Essence)are required to change a pet's name for Free user?
    A. 2
    B. 4
    C. 6
    D. 8
    3. In “Sakura Festival” event of 2013, players can use the “Futomaki Sushi” for?
    A. To seal the Origami Monsters in battle
    B. Recover CP and show the remain HP of the enemy
    C. Recover HP and show the remain HP of the enemy
    D. Produce 20% damage to the monster
    4. How many “Ninja Seal Gan” is needed for a Free user to reset element jutsu?
    A. 1
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5
    5. How much gold do you need for upgrading the “Ramen building” in clan from Level 1 to Level 2?
    A. 1000000 gold
    B. 2000000 gold

  5. thank min gw jdi win(menang)

  6. Who do you need to defeat in the “Hunting House” in order to obtain “Samurai’s Hilt

  7. Which of the following item is not available for gift sharing?

  8. kenapa nggak ada comment?